One card fits all?
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Can my calling card be a business card? Should I even use a business card? Do I even want a calling card?

I'm looking for a job, though I am currently employed (hence the anonymity) . I've gotten myself into a social circle that can net me positions in the field I'd like to work in. It's also a circle that puts me into contact with more people I would want to date than ever before. Can I carry one set of Moo cards to use for both networking and romanticle purposes? Is it inappropriate to use Moo-type cards for either purpose? Is there a way to leverage the Moo cards for both such as specific info, seperate pictures, a way to put info on some cards but not others...
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I don't see why you'd need two sets of cards. One card with the basic info (name, phone, email) should do the trick for all occasions. Anything more pointed in either direction might come off a little too used car salesman- save it for the interview/first date.
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I have two sets of cards. But they both have the same information on them, basically. The difference is between the job you have and the relationships you want. Think about that as you move forward.
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Just do your name on one side and a NON-WORK email address and telephone number on the other side. It's not so complicated really. The ColourLOVERS ones are pretty straight forward, although didn't you used to be able to do a solid colour and plain text on one side?
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I have both: one that has my name, title and business contact information and one that has my name and personal email address, but no title or phone number. I prefer purely social connections and some professional connections to think of me without an association to my current firm. It makes perfect sense to me to have both because I don't want a potential social contact to call me at work--I want them to call me at home--and when I was dating, I always felt a little weird emailing or calling someone at the office.
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I have what I call a 'blog-card' - since it's main purpose being to advertise my blog, my name, e-mail and website are essentially all I need. If they need my phone number, it's easy enough to write it on the back for the social purposes or the professional purposes.

Carry two sets of cards only if you like a thick wallet or card case.
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Around here (San Francisco) The Moo mini cards are considered calling cards. (Though I still get handed some from "web 9.0" companies, it's becoming rare.)

I have two sets. Moo mini cards with flirt-prop photos on one side and my blog address and my Facebook email address on the back. Full sized cards for my business that have my work email (also for Linked-In), mobile phone, and business web site.

If you social network at all it's not a bad idea to have a certain amount of separation between work and social networks, even if there's nothing terribly incriminating on your Facebook page. The cards help with that.

I think having two sets of cards, even when you aren't in a job (perhaps especially then) makes you look better for both business and after hours.

Most business contacts won't want to see photos of your trip to Mexico. But for that person you're flirting with it can become a talking point.

You can't split Moo cards as far as what's on the back. They're pretty cheap though. For calling cards you might be able to get away with one of the free or cheap places, like VistaPrint.
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Giving out any kind of card to a romantic interest is a bit douchey in my opinion. If they don't have the time to punch your name and number into their cell then they're not that into you anyway; plus cards get lost.
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