Recommendations for finding good virtual employment
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I'd like to work for a virtual company, or work virtually for a real company.

My wife and I are likely to be moving in the next year, and likely to be moving again shortly thereafter, within maybe 2 to 4 years.

I work in web/software development, and we'll be likely relocating from Portland, OR to Des Moines, IA.

Working virtually for a company seems like an ideal scenario - I could build a (virtual) relationship with (virtual) colleagues and perhaps enjoy some non-virtual benefits like health insurance and be more stable than hunting down wild freelance.

Beyond going to and clicking "telecommuting jobs only", what are some recommendations for finding good virtual employment?
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I can't vouch for it, but Virtual Vocations claims to do this.
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I wouldn't focus on telecommuting jobs only. My job wasn't a telecommute job when I first talked with them. I'd apply for anything that does not specifically state that they are a "be in the office wearing a suit at 8 AM" kind of company. If they want you, the job can become telecommute in a hurry.
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That's a good point.
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