Please suggest a Japanese song for a going away party video.
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Please suggest Japanese songs to use for a video-of-photos at a going away party. 送別会の写真ビデオで使うための日本語の曲を進めてください。

I'm putting together a video slideshow of pictures (similar to what Animoto produces) for a going away party for a Japanese friend. Can someone suggest a good song to use in the background? Ideally the song should be in Japanese and have a "what good times we had" or "what good friends we are" or "you are special" sort of message to it, but not be too sad (X Japan's "Forever Love" is out).

Songs I've used for this purpose in the past include "Best Friend" by Kiroro, and "世界に一つだけの花" by SMAP. Also "Sakura Sakura"... something. I can't remember the actual name of the song. :-) Anyway, now I need more! Thanks in advance for your suggestions!
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My buddy who doesn't have a MeFi account suggests that you NEED THIS SONG.
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Best answer: I like secret base by ZONE for these sorts of occasions.

As for the "Sakura Sakura" something, it isn't the Ikimonogakari song Sakura, by any chance?
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Or, come to think of it, it could be the famous folk song. But I don't know how appropriate that would be for a going-away party...
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Best answer: Here is an Oricon list from 2006 that gives you the top goodbye party songs for men and women. Both the songs you mention are there, and there are a couple more called "Sakura." I couldn't tell which one you meant, because at least a few sappy sakura songs come out every spring. If neither fits, you could be thinking of Ikimonogakari, but both their sakura songs ("花は桜 君は美し" and "SAKURA") are more appropriate for couples than friends. Good luck in finding the perfect song(s)!
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The poster's "Sakura Sakura" song was most likely by Naotoru Moriyama and was a massive hit during the sakura season of 2003. signalnine's post is linking to this song, too.
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Best answer: If you want sappy going away song, but still freaking awesome, try Last Smile, by Love Pyschadelico.
Traveling, by Utada Hikaru
Anything by Halcali (might I suggest Strawberry Chips)
Grateful Days by Dragon Ash?
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone! The "Sakura Sakura" song I mentioned was indeed the one Troy and Signalnine linked to. I ended up using Secret Base, suggested by armage, and it was a hit.

Ghidorah posted his suggestions after I finished the video, but I'll definitely keep them in mind for next time.
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For future reference, mugendai would be good, too.


My dear friends... ありがとう
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