Watching an NFL game in Manchester
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I'll be in Manchester, UK, during next weekend's Pats/Steelers game. It's a 4:15 EST kickoff, which means 9:15 GMT. So, can anyone recommend a sports bar/pub in Manchester likely to be showing the game? I may not be able to stay for all of it, but wouldn't mind catching the beginning. FYI, I'm staying in Didsbury, which is kind of out from the center of the city, I think. Oh, and I'm a woman on my own, so nothing too rough and tumble.
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I guess I meant to say 21:15 GMT...not used to the 24 hour clock yet.
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I've never seen a "sports bar" in England, normally just pubs watching 1-3 games. But some like Lass O Gowery (city center) have numerous screens all showing the same two games. American football isn't shown anyplace afaik, but they may have access and let you watch if nobody else is watching. Why don't you call around & ask?

p.s. I don't think any pub willing to show American football will be too rough, even in Manchester.
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The Patriots are playing Miami next weekend, not the Steelers. It's on SkySports 2 at 6PM. 1PM kick-off in Miami.
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Check if your hotel has Sky Sports
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Pats-Steelers is Nov 30, yeah, cause they already had the thursday game this week (would that a play or two had gone the other way.. ). So it's a Miami game early Sunday 11/23. crossing fingers they can somehow pull that one out the week after v Pittsburgh.
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I've never seen a "sports bar" in England

You must've been turning a blind eye. They're bloody everywhere, at least in city centres.

There's a few in Manchester - eg. the Sports Cafe on Quay Street - but they're all vile places and all would show bowls or curling before they turned to the American football. Sky at a friend's house or in a hotel is the only option.
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That said, it might be worth calling places listed on Sports Pubs UK.
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Sorry, I meant the 30th. Should have typed "weekend after next."

Looks like I'll try and follow it online live, catch the highlights the next morning online, and watch the entire game on my TiVO when I get back to the States.
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