What Do You Want?
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What do you want that you are not getting?

Within reason, based on your current situation. For me, the number one thing is personal/free time alone to do what I please. Number two would be sex. Number three would be a new close friend.
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a new girlfriend, although I don't know if this question is appropriate.
posted by Keyser Soze at 3:19 PM on October 4, 2004

Sugar, women, power. In that order.
posted by plexiwatt at 3:20 PM on October 4, 2004

posted by spacewrench at 3:24 PM on October 4, 2004

a Leica.
posted by planetkyoto at 3:33 PM on October 4, 2004


Not sure anyone else is getting much of it either. Where did it all go?
posted by grahamwell at 3:33 PM on October 4, 2004

Time to myself, decent produce, sleep, a laptop, a job that doesn't involve support.
posted by pieoverdone at 3:36 PM on October 4, 2004

For MeFites to stop questioning the propriety of otherwise interesting questions.
A local friend or two. My SO and I just moved and we don't know anyone here and we're both shy and it's lonely sometimes.
More money, though I actually do a lot better on that score than most public librarians.
A new car. I currently have a bit of a crush on the now-defunct Chrysler 300M.
Just to be married. All the wedding tasks (and the dealing with my mother in particular) have become so tiresome. I just want to be married.
posted by willpie at 3:40 PM on October 4, 2004

So many experiences, things, situations, flavors of life wrapped up in the delicate herbally nuanced balaklava of contingency....

Or maybe nothing at all.....

No! - I want for humans to stop wasting precious time killing each other and causing such great suffering amongst all living creatures : for humanity, me included, to achieve a sudden, soul searing realization of the implications of interconnectness and - further - that we should all care.
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general: justice, an end to fear, peace of mind
specific: sleep, exercise, ethnic food of any kind
dreaming: an apology from John Ashcroft for the USA PATRIOT Act, a government that says they're going to end poverty and then goes and does it, an administration that thinks that my personal and political life is none of their business, plus what trout just said.
posted by jessamyn at 3:58 PM on October 4, 2004

Paid vacation time. Gas prices to go waaaaaay down. Local grocery stores to carry a better selection of ethnic foods. A good book + cheese and meats and crackers. World Of Warcraft to go final.
posted by Lizc at 4:00 PM on October 4, 2004

A sense of community. (Offline.)
posted by callmejay at 4:03 PM on October 4, 2004

A community of friends (offline).
A girlfriend, or the general capacity and confidence to get girlfriends in times of drouth.
Written statements of purpose for law and grad school.
A more satisfying job.
A better society.
A magic wallet.
posted by kenko at 4:10 PM on October 4, 2004


Not sure anyone else is getting much of it either. Where did it all go?

Apparently lost in knowledge, which has been lost in information, according to T.S. Elliot.

I'd give a citation, but I lost it.
posted by weston at 4:28 PM on October 4, 2004

1) An Ikea in Florida. Just one! Is that too much to ask?
2) A boyfriend. It's been way too long.
3) More vacation time to do all the things I miss doing (see 1, 2).
4) A real, solid, long-term goal for my life.
posted by contessa at 4:39 PM on October 4, 2004

A 3 day week. And a kitten.
posted by arha at 5:33 PM on October 4, 2004

Why do you ask ?
posted by repoman at 5:43 PM on October 4, 2004

My degree, dammit. And a car.
posted by casarkos at 5:43 PM on October 4, 2004

1) A local group of people to play games with more often.
2) An good Ethiopian/Eritrean restaurant closer than a three hour drive away.
3) An executive branch that I'm not alternately horrified and embarassed by.
4) More time.
posted by majcher at 5:55 PM on October 4, 2004

The new Tom Waits album. (I gets it tomorrow!)
The Nintendo DS. (The SO already pre-ordered for my B-day)
More Smuttynose IPA. (4 more in the fridge)

I base my goals on what's on the way.
posted by robocop is bleeding at 6:00 PM on October 4, 2004

It's a small thing, but I seem to be suffering an acute shortage of hope and now is just not the time.
posted by furiousthought at 6:01 PM on October 4, 2004

posted by inksyndicate at 6:22 PM on October 4, 2004

Consistent sleep.
posted by Dick Paris at 6:24 PM on October 4, 2004

Scratch that. I would get the sleep if my contractor got his ass and those of his subcontractors in gear.
posted by Dick Paris at 6:34 PM on October 4, 2004

posted by sharksandwich at 6:47 PM on October 4, 2004

A heart that is not so diseased that it needs constant monitoring by a defibrillator implanted in my chest.

Or, um, hmm, my life is otherwise fairly satisfactory.
posted by mischief at 6:58 PM on October 4, 2004

More support for REST style interfaces, a xpath-like XML syntax for CSS, and more RelaxNG rather than W3C Schema.

I'm a content kinda guy.
posted by holloway at 7:04 PM on October 4, 2004

An immortal android body.
posted by zadcat at 7:10 PM on October 4, 2004

A literary agent. I'm tired of trying to sell this damned book on my own, and frustrated that success in other writing fields doesn't translate to open doors in this one.
posted by headspace at 7:18 PM on October 4, 2004

posted by bakiwop at 7:26 PM on October 4, 2004

tales of suspense #39 CGC 9.6 without slab damage.

i'd liked to find a full time job before my current one ends. web development in nyc can't be too hard.

i'd also like to finally get the motivation to start writing again. and i'd like all my current responsbilities to be done with so i can finally have that new start i've always wanted.

and super-powers. i'd like me some super-powers.
posted by Stynxno at 7:37 PM on October 4, 2004

No depression. No pain.
posted by Gamecat at 7:43 PM on October 4, 2004

I need about 36 more hours to magically appear sometime between now and Wednesday at 4pm.

Also, faith in the American People.
posted by anastasiav at 8:02 PM on October 4, 2004

immediately i need an affordable apartment in Twinsburg, Ohio. also, a job, get out of debt, better health, and to get pregnant. in that order please God. please? pretty please??? with a cherry on top??? please?
posted by sadie01221975 at 8:15 PM on October 4, 2004

1.To be a real mom before I'm 30, not just a stepmom/foster mom.
2.A friend.
posted by littlegirlblue at 9:12 PM on October 4, 2004

More PIC hours.
posted by tss at 9:17 PM on October 4, 2004

To be finished with grad school.
A job in either Toronto or Oregon, after that.
Oh, and Hugh Jackman.
posted by oflinkey at 9:24 PM on October 4, 2004

More free time.


A female friend, in her 30s or older, who doesn't mind cats, and who will hang out in my N. Seattle basement workspace and enjoy doing mosiaics, listening to eclectic music, and enjoying a glass of wine and the occasional bong hit with me.
posted by icetaco at 9:45 PM on October 4, 2004

Friends. Money. Sex. My thesis to be finished.
posted by Quartermass at 10:02 PM on October 4, 2004

A brand-new POTUS.
For automobiles to fall out of fashion.
The secret of attainable FTL travel.
A nice house to rent near the beach in East London, South Africa, by November 1.
posted by Goofyy at 10:31 PM on October 4, 2004

1) Unconditional love. I used to have it from my father, but he died a couple years ago - and I've never forgiven him!

2) A place to crank up my guitar amplifier loud enough to get tube distortion without bothering others. This is probably my #1 frustration in life.

Yeah, that's about it. Everything else is going more or less according to plan. Everyone should have such troubles, I suppose.
posted by ikkyu2 at 10:57 PM on October 4, 2004

My own home? :-)
posted by shepd at 11:27 PM on October 4, 2004

Simplicity. Serenity. Purpose. Love; full head and heart, non-manipulative, honest, compassionate, we-get-each-others'-idiotic-jokes LOVE. Security. A government that thinks it's important to live up to the country's self-image and cherished ideals. Affordable healthcare. Walls and garden that are mine to rip down and build up any damn time. A cat that sleeps through the night, or at least is considerate enough to tear the place apart during the daylight hours so the humans' sleep doesn't have to be disrupted by the racket. Lots of steamy hot sex. Much more time, as well as more sense about what I do with it.

Stuff like that.
posted by nakedcodemonkey at 11:42 PM on October 4, 2004

The mountain to explode while I'm still living in Washington - so, before 9:50 Wednesday. Knees that aren't twice my age. Sleep. A friend. A plan for the next year or two.
posted by emmling at 12:13 AM on October 5, 2004

ikkyu2: Try a smaller amp. Zvex makes an amp-thingee with a single 12ax7 in a foot pedal. Or an old Champ. I've also heard some good things about power soaks like the THD Hotplate and others. A Peavey Classic 20 is an incredible amp for power tube distortion if you can find one.

Oh yeah, I want better intonation. My ears hear notes more true than my hands can play them. Frustrating.
posted by stet at 12:23 AM on October 5, 2004

ikkyu2: I found the thing I was looking for. It's a Zvex Nano Amp. I've never personally played one, but they appear well built and what gear I have played from that company has been quality.

For unconditional love, you're on your own.
posted by stet at 12:34 AM on October 5, 2004

1. Health
2. A buttkicking digital SLR
3. A local female friend or two
4. An RV trip for my whole family all around North America
5. A lactose free version of Starbuck's caramel frappucino
posted by Dreama at 12:53 AM on October 5, 2004

To know what willpie meant by SO
posted by Keyser Soze at 1:57 AM on October 5, 2004

A new drug. I'm bored with all the old highs.
posted by DelusionsofGrandeur at 2:16 AM on October 5, 2004

A job more in line with my qualifications, which currently don't include vast amounts of experience being a bank teller. I'm not buying into the "a paycheck is a paycheck" mentality.

A dog.

Someone to pay my mortgage for me.

A new car.

Your girlfriend.
posted by emelenjr at 3:32 AM on October 5, 2004

The truth. Or new wave. Whichever is easiest.
posted by yerfatma at 4:10 AM on October 5, 2004

To finish my thesis.

Ability to not obsessively read all comments on metafilter instead of working on my thesis.

An immigrant visa to the US (I know, I know, but my GF lives there. Anything for her).

Confidence. Self-esteem.

And lots of other stuff, but let's just start here.
posted by AwkwardPause at 5:27 AM on October 5, 2004

A nice chat with my father.
posted by JanetLand at 6:32 AM on October 5, 2004

Waitwait, I've got another one:
Women's pants with functional pockets.
posted by casarkos at 6:36 AM on October 5, 2004

Respect. Admiration. An end to back pain and computer problems. The ability to simply be satisfied.

And an end to man in my head telling me to commit mayhem.
posted by jonmc at 7:04 AM on October 5, 2004

You NEED that man, Jon. Don't wish him gone!

Financial independence, so I can work on things that matter instead of making widgets.

A man who is single, straight, smart, kind, funny, together, attractive, fertile, and fantastic in bed. And who thinks I'm the bomb.

Public transit that gets me where I'm going faster than a car would.
posted by orange swan at 7:15 AM on October 5, 2004

A healthy PC I believe in.
Trust in humankind.
SCUBA gear and somewhere to use it.
Inking skills.
The power of flight, for my wife.

posted by picea at 8:28 AM on October 5, 2004

Good healthcare for my aging parents. I'd gladly give up lots of things if I could just get that.
posted by lilboo at 8:29 AM on October 5, 2004

A cure for Rett Syndrome.
The ability to overcome procrastination.
posted by pardonyou? at 8:48 AM on October 5, 2004

strangeleftydoublethink, I saw the film adaptation of that Stephen King story.
I'm well aware of why you posted this thread.
posted by Smart Dalek at 8:53 AM on October 5, 2004

Financial independence and a delirious love life.

Failing that (it does seem to be impossible), I'll settle for a decent heavy machinegun with a few thousand armor-piercing incendiary rounds, a really good stabilized mount, and a couple dozen antipersonnel mines. Plus a fantastic lawyer.

Oh, and the invincible android body thing. All this flesh is tiresome, and without the love life it's sort of pointless.
posted by aramaic at 9:08 AM on October 5, 2004

The ability to teleport. If I can't have that, an apartment closer to campus so I never have to take the bus again.
An apartment where I can get a cat.
Enough money to pay off our debts, get my eyes fixed, get a new car, and pay for a trip to Japan.
My second year project finished.
posted by stoneegg21 at 9:30 AM on October 5, 2004

better choices.

(and successful complete treatment for immunologically mediated diseases of the choroid)
posted by crush-onastick at 10:02 AM on October 5, 2004

Update: I got the apartment!!! Now I'm off to the doctor's for a blood/pregnancy test. Keep your fingers crossed!
posted by sadie01221975 at 10:59 AM on October 5, 2004

Sustainable serenity, ideally acting in concert with the wisdom mentioned above.

A cancer-proof cat. It's been a very bad year for cats in my immediate family (though the next generation is coming along nicely, so perhaps I should concentrate on them).
posted by PinkStainlessTail at 11:25 AM on October 5, 2004

My fucking laptop to recognize my ipod.
posted by COBRA! at 11:45 AM on October 5, 2004

A job I can be happy doing, a sense of peace within myself, good health (mental and physical).
posted by deborah at 12:14 PM on October 5, 2004


A home.

Some love and care.
posted by vers at 3:06 PM on October 5, 2004

A better job, a more fulfilling social life, hope for the future & a chubby kitten named Lucy for me please.

I guess just the kitten would do, really.
posted by moift at 3:40 PM on October 5, 2004

Money. My life is pretty good, except for the debt bit.

It would also make my day if my distant East Coast friends and family moved to the Pacific Northwest.
posted by croutonsupafreak at 6:05 PM on October 5, 2004

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