Who can I donate musical gear and guitar magazines to?
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DonationFilter: Musical Gear and 20 Years Of Guitar Magazines To Donate. Does anyone know a suitable candidate? (MI)

I have musical gear and 20 years of guitar magazines that I would like to donate to an organization (public college, high school, etc.) involved in teaching guitar to teenaged students. The recipient must provide me a charity receipt for tax-purposes. I estimate the 'fair market value' of this package is $1000.

The gear includes a Carvin SX-300 guitar amplifier, various effect boxes, a pair of Carvin SRS powered studio reference monitors, cables, a music stand and other music-related hardware. The magazines include almost all issues of Guitar For The Practicing Musician from the first issue to 1996 as well as numerous issues of Guitar Player, Guitar One, Guitar World and Guitar School. I estimate 350 issues in good to excellent condition, and all include songs in tablature and other lessons. Note: These magazines include language and song transcriptions that some would find offensive.

I can deliver the gear and magazines to the Augusta GA or Columbia/Aiken SC areas. A winning recipient outside my area must arrange for pickup at my residence, about 5 miles north of I-20 exit 22 (Aiken SC) between October 22 and November 1. Although the magazines are in periodical boxes, these containers are not suitable for shipping.

Candidates should email a short paragraph (200 words) without attachments describing their organization and intended use to trvolk@hotmail.com with the subject: Guitar Teacher. Include contact information: email, physical address, phone number, etc. I will decide the winner on October 17.
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Rock for Kids
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Rock and Roll Library, possibly for the magazines.
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