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What can I do with $50 worth of Skype Credits? (other than make calls)

About two years ago I purchased $60 in Skype credits so I could talk to my wife overseas. However, we found cheaper/better ways to communication and did not use all the Skype Credits.

Today I have around $50 in Skype Credits sitting in my account. Skype credits void if left unused for 180 days, so every month or so I have to make a quick long distance telephone call (usually to the KLM ticketing booth in Geneva airport, simply because I already have the number) in order to reset the 180 day counter.

I want to get rid of these credits once and for all. Other than making long distance telephone calls, what else can I do with $50 in Skype Credits? Can I buy something material (headphones etc...)? Can I just ask for a check?

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Do you have any way in which you could run a contest to give them away? Maybe hold a raffle or donate them to an already existing raffle that is looking for prizes.
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Can you sell them on ebay?
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If they can be transferred selling them will likely make you back most of the $50.
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You can keep your Skype credit active by calling your own phone line, Skype charges for all phone calls unless you have unlimited, which might also keep the credit active.

Why not let some other family members use your Skype account? You could call them to ask buying stuff, being reimbursed, or converting to a gift certificate.

I think you'll need Skype's Buisness Control Panel if you want to directly transfer this Skype credit. I don't know if that involves additional purchases. If not, I'd use this to give it to family members.

p.s. You're welcome to mefi mail me if you're selling it at a discount via BCP. I suppose eBay is the best deal but there is some risk that Skype checks eBay.
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