OSX, Skype and Bluetooth
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I would like to use Skype on OS X with a bluetooth headset. Is this possible? I don't yet have any bluetooth devices and would also like some recommendations.
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Yes it's possible but I don't have any recommendations.
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It's possible, but you need to make sure you've got Bluetooth 1.5 installed as that's where the support is. Getting it working should just be a matter of pairing it and selecting it as an input device in the Sound control panel
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I also want to do this, but I have no idea what headset to buy. The motorola ones look pretty nice, can anyone share their results of using a bluetooth headset with a powerbook for any application?
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I've tried this. It sucked.

Or, at least.... if you're going to do this, make sure you're not using anything else with sound at the time. Bluetooth headsets are intended for telephony use, and are not high-fidelity. Anything with any dynamic range gets massively compresse, and if you're listening to music of playing games at the same time, you'll lose your call participants voice in the mix.

I seem to remember stumbling across a utlility which would let you route the sounds from different apps to different sound devices, but I can't recall the name right now. That might make this more useful, but I can't recommend it unless your computer is otherwise silent at the time.

That being said, I love my Jabra bluetooth headset.
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