2008 election stats, stat!
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I'm googling without success for 2008 US National election results broken down by race, gender, education, income. etc. Any ideas?
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I may be wrong, but because people vote anonymously, the best you'll info you'll find are exit polls.
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CNN.com has thorough exit polling data. As all the major news networks share the same resources (to save money), this is pretty much the only source for "results broken down by race, gender, education, income, etc.)

Note that these are exit polls, not actual results. Those are anonymous.
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Academc work tends to be done with American National Election Studies data, which won't be available for a few months.
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You're right, BobbyVan. When I added "exit" to my search I scored.

Here's one result:

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Pollster may have something, here is maybe a little bit of a start:

Then try using the "search" box on Pollster (top right) in order to look for words like 'demographics' and the like... The data isn't all in one place, but it is a start!
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This might not be what you're looking for, but it's certainly close:

Obama vs. Kerry, over a wide range of demographics
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Kevin Drum has been doing a lot of numbers crunching, maybe there? Or he could point you in the right direction, might havr to check his archives...
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The NYTimes website has a pretty neat interface of their exit polling data. It has every criteria you're looking for except income.
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Under the 'Exit Polls Table' tab on the same NYTimes page, it does have some income and other financial categories.
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