Cooked turducken in LA?
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Where can I buy a cooked turducken for Thanksgiving in Los Angeles?

I'm going to my in-laws' on the west side of Los Angeles for Thanksgiving, and I'd like to bring a turducken. Raw turduckens seem to be available at Whole Foods, but I want a cooked one. I know it's possible to order them online, but it'd be great to pick one up locally. Anyone know of a place?
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Best answer: I would ask Whole Foods if they could cook me one (seriously). We always get prepared foods from them for holidays (special ordered), and I bet it's not too much trouble for them to do this for you.
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Oh! My family buys a raw turkey every year and then drops it off at the best barbeque place in Houston a couple of days before Thanksgiving (usually, there's a huge line of people waiting to get their turkeys dropped off and tagged, so that's not uncommon at all). It costs $1.95/lbs or so to have the turkey smoked overnight or $2.75/lbs if you want it sliced and deboned, and it's more delicious than I can describe. Find out which barbeque places in LA are equipped to do that, offer them a reasonable price if they don't normally cook customers' food, pick up your raw turducken at Whole Foods and... voilla!

Alternatively, do you have a butcher (as in, an actual person whom you talk to every week)? You can ask him which restaurant orders ducks on a regular basis--which ought to mean that they know how to deal with them--and then call them up and ask if they would do a special order.
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Last year I saw them being sold at either Bristol Farms or Whole Foods.
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Don't have any suggestions for a cooked turducken, but I just wanted to congratulate you on the awesomeness of your choice. Turduckens are freakin amazing.

If you can't find one pre-cooked, why don't you cook it before you go over there, wrap it in foil and bring it over? The cooking is pretty easy, you just stick it in the oven for a few hours.
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