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Where can I find an Obama "CHANGE WE CAN BELIEVE IN" rally sign?

I'd like to get my hands on one of those "CHANGE WE CAN BELIEVE IN" hand signs that are (or were) ubiquitous at Obama events. But after doing a little searching, the signs seem to be pretty scarce.

Craigslist has nothing, and the store at phased them out in favor of "Obama-Biden" signs long ago. There are a few of the signs available to buy on eBay... unfortunately they all carry Obama's autograph and a hefty price tag.

I also called my local campaign office, but they don't have any more of the signs, either.

So, does anybody know of a good place to acquire this particular sign? Or perhaps have an extra one they'd be willing to part with?
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You might want to call the local offices. They may have some laying around, if they haven't packed up their goodies yet.
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The question said they called their local office already. I think you'll be hard pressed to find one there anyway, even if you call an office in a more remote part of your state, which was going to be my next suggestion. Those offices got cleaned out pretty good from what I've heard.

I saw them at the rallies I went to, but I could never come up on one. You might try locating (twitter search, etc) people who went to rallies and ask them for an extra or offer to buy. A longshot, sure, but from my experience the offices didn't have a wealth of gear and things for purchase already, so I'm pretty confident that 4 days after the election, the offices will be cleared out.

I had the same thing happen to me - I wanted that round refrigerator magnet that says "Yes We Can" and the official site phased it out.
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Craigslist. Offer a small fee or donation to some cool charity.
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I have one, and only one, and unfortunately am not willing to part with it. I got it a rally in February. The suggestion above to find someone who went and offer to buy or for a donation is a good one. If I had an extra you could have mine...
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Well, I've searched off and on for months, fruitlessly. Either these signs are much rarer than they seem, or the universe has conspired against me, because I've encountered every permutation and combination of Obama rally sign except for the one I'm looking for. I've found "ROAD TO CHANGE" and "CHANGE WE NEED" signs. I've found tiny "CHANGE WE CAN BELIEVE IN" buttons. I've found cheap knock-off versions made by some movie production house. And I've found several honest-to-goodness "CHANGE WE CAN BELIEVE IN" signs... all signed by Obama, all priced in the thousands of dollars. That Obama's newest book shares the title doesn't really help my search.

Oh, well. Hopefully some more stuff should crop up closer to the inauguration.
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