Where can I purchase male baby dolls online for my grandmother?
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Where can I purchase male baby dolls online for my grandmother?

My grandmother doesn't really recognize anyone due to Alzheimer's but one thing that does make her happy is holding a baby doll. For some reason, she likes boy dolls better, but all of the dolls I can find online seem to be female dolls.

Can anyone point me in the direction of a good place to find male baby dolls online? Preferably a place with a good selection so that I can find more in the future. I have tried places like Amazon and Toys-r-us, but I can't seem to whittle out all of the dolls in pink dresses and bows to find some blue.

The dolls need to be soft and washable if possible so that the nursing home can clean them up if needed.

Thanks ahead of time for any help. It is nice to see her happy and excited about something.
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Every color of the rainbow. They look soft and cuddly.
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This is similar to the one I bought my son. It is made of vinyl so it's not that soft but very sturdy and be washed in the bath tub (it is sealed so water won't get inside). In my home, no child wanted to take the first bath, so the dolls always went in first so the child was the second one taking a bath. :)
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Ms. Vegetable suggests the Bitty Babies from American Girl - they might be a bit pricey, but they do have boy dolls and boy clothes.
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