Book-footed vampire?
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Where did I read about a book footed vampire?

When I was very young, I often read short horror anthologies for children, and about vampire legends from around the world. I distinctly remember one account of a vampire with books for feet that sucked blood out of people's toes.

Googling "book-footed" doesn't seem to help very much, nor do the other searches I can think of. Maybe this was just a crazy dream I've carried over as a real memory? It's certainly an absurd image to base a legend around...
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Best answer: I poked around a bit and found
Owenga/Oweng/Ovengua: (Guinea) Had books for feet and became a vampire by sucking the thumb of a sleeping person.
Close, eh? And the Goth Bible mentions a book-footed Asanbosam, in the company of other illustrious vampires like the cruel Bavarian Nachehrer who ties cows' tails together!
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But wait - other references say the asanbosam has HOOKS for feet. (And bites people on the thumb.) Maybe that makes a little more sense!
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Response by poster: You are my hero.
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