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Facebook + ABP don't play nice?

I am running firefox 3.0.3 with adblock plus installed, and noticed recently that facebook wasn't working the way it used to.

Problem 1:
The ads ARE removed, but they're removed in such a way that there's a big empty gap in between the left side bar and main content (when viewing someone's profile, for example). If I disable ABP, the ads return to the far right side of the page and the gap is removed. Anyway I can just get rid of the ads on the right without making an ugly gap in the middle of the page?

Problem 2:
The search-as-you-go search bar doesn't work properly when ABP is enabled. It doesn't give me suggestions as a type, and hitting 'enter' doesn't do anything; I have to actually click the magnifying glass button to perform the search. Search bar returns to normal when ABP is disabled.

My ABP filters:
- EasyElement + EasyList
- Corset + EasyList

Does anyone else have the same problems?
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Best answer: ABP blocks some scripts that Facebook uses to load AJAX-y content. You can remove some of the active filters operating on the page to allow scripts to function; look for ones that block *.js, for instance. If you want to eliminate the ugly gaps, get Adblock Element Hiding Helper and just ride the remaining divs, TDs, etc.
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