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My wife and I are notoriously bad at keeping plants alive. Our best success is an Aloe Vera plant (which we ignore) and a Peace Lilly which tends to behave like a plant in The Sims - colapsing as it dies, and then perking up as soon as we notice.

Accepting that plants feel pain and scream when hurt, are we evil torturing sadists?
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Why are you accepting that?
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I don't believe in it, but if you want to read more about the "yes" side there is a book called "Sensitive Souls" about plant "feelings".

Also, Hoyas are a very hardy breed, it's the only thing I haven't killed, and they have nice little waxy flowers every now and then.
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I think this is the most recent article about plant screaming, and it's pretty thin, from a discussion on snopes.
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don't you need nerves and nerve endings to feel pain?

I recomment rhododendrons and philodendrons --very easy, and very hard to kill entirely.
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Check out Roald Dahl's The Sound Machine.
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Sanseveria (Mother-in-Law's tongue) is also extremely hardy. Cactus are pretty good, too, as long as you studiously avoid overwatering them.
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There is only one unkillable plant: aspisdistra, the "cast iron" plant. But if I were you, I'd just go for rubber and silk plants.

And, brought to you from the province where forestry pays the bills:

If trees could scream, would you cut them down?
We would if they screamed all the time.
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Keep the Aspidistra Flying!
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