Remember an old TV commercial about "The Crusade of Love"?
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In Toledo, Ohio, about 20-25 years ago, there used to be this commercial played on TV all the time about "The Crusade of Love"

All it was was a portrait of a white-haired European man, probably in his late fifties, with straight hair and a moustache, and this message in the background (I'm paraphrasing, but I remember hearing it so many times I'm sure it's pretty close)
"Hello loves,

Carlos Summer here, founder of the Crusade of Love. Our goal is to move the world -- to love. And you can help in this goal for love by thinking, speaking, and acting in friendly ways toward family, neighbors, and all of our friends everywhere."
and that's it. And I remember he was interviewed once on some local news show where he was presented as some kind of gangster who could move tornados with his mind. I swear I'm not making this up. I've looked all over the internet and couldn't find anything about this. Anyone else have any more information about this guy? To show me I'm not nuts?
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You're not nuts.

I was actually going to post about him in the early days of AskMe. Unfortunately, I have no current info on him. I do think I have a videotape from back then that contains the commercial, but there's no way for me to easily find it now. I might ask my dad about him as I recall he knew something about the guy's background. And your paraphrase above is pretty good, although I think you left out the phrase "..for all mankind!"

Totally unrelated to Carlos but related to Toledo TV back in that time period, here's an update on former WTOL reporter Amy Marsalis. She was always my favorite news figure back then. Looks like she might be a security mom now though.
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Aaah, well thanks, gluechunk, for letting me know that I'm not the only one who remembers this. There must be something interesting behind this story, though, yes? Perhaps I need to do some research in the real world to find this out....
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Well, I used the Ask a Librarian on the Toledo library site and unfortunately just got this response:

Thank you for "asking a librarian." Since your question requires in-depth research, you will need to contact the Local History department by visiting the department located on the third floor of Main Library or calling at (419)259-5233.

If you are outside of Lucas County, you will need to write to the Local History Department, 325 N. Michigan St., Toledo, OH 43624. Local History and Genealogy prefers to receive your questions via written correspondence rather than e-mail. They do charge a research and handling fee - $7.50/half hour plus .30 per photocopy. Please include your address in your correspondence. A response can take 4-6 weeks.

My dad remembers that there was something in the Blade after the guy's death, but a quick search of the Blade's 1990+ obit database didn't reveal anything.

You could probably get more information by searching through the Blade's full archive or perhaps contacting someone at a Toledo tv station.

Let's keep looking for info though. And let's keep thinking, speaking, and acting in friendly ways toward family, neighbors, and all of our friends everywhere.
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