What's a good greeting card making application/website?
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What's a good greeting card making application/website?

My parents are still using a copy of Greetings Workshop that came with our 400MHz Dell back in the day. Are there any decent, recent, greeting card applications or websites worth using? Or should they just stick with GW?

Free is good, but they'd be willing to pay for something. It does need to be easy to use (no Photoshop!).
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I really like amerciangreetings.com. Full functionality requires a $30 annual membership, but I haven't purchased a greeting card in years as I make them all from the resources on their website. The key is to mix-and-match. For example, I've used a card intended for a man's birthday as a Father's Day card, just changing the text.
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I have not used them myslef, but many folks have recommend


to me.

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In recent years I decided to just learn how to use a desktop publishing application for making greeting cards - Scribus, which is open source and therefore free, so the money can be spent on fonts and clipart (or not) - but I don't know how closely it fits your "easy to use" critera. However, my grandfather at ninety does a similar thing with Microsoft Publisher and I'd say that Scribus is as easy to use as his old version of Publisher.
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