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I'm looking for a trend forecasting service or information similar to WGSN. My partner is a design director for woman's wear company that needs this type of information but doesn't have the budget for it. Any help will be appreciated.
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Best answer: The libraries of fashion schools should have trend forecasting materials--even if your partner doesn't have access to the library, perhaps a coworker or intern might. (I know FIT gets one of them, but I forget which company it's from.)
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Do they source their own fabrics or just buy full package? If they are sourcing fabrics then the top textile agents are an extremely good source of information on trends. Most will also have their favorite trend services that they can recommend. The top agents will supply a number of fashion forward design houses/manufacturers which gives them a great overview of trends that can sometimes be more accurate than a narrowly focused trend service.
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Response by poster: The specific information I was looking for is the color trends for next year. I have limited knowledge on this subject but am trying to use MetaFilter to help my partner!
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