What is the closest US zip code to Vancouver?
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What is the closest US zip code (in driving distance) to Vancouver, Canada? I'm looking for a P.O. Box, but haven't driven much to the states. What's close?
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I'd say Point Roberts is your best bet.
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Point Roberts - 98281.
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Blaine's always been the closest, imho, if you measure driving distance as actual time to get to and from the border. There might be closer towns to the border, but Blaine's the closest US town on the I-5 / King George Highway border crossing.

No idea if the post office in that zip has PO Boxes.
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98230 and 98231 are Blaine WA.
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check out ship happens in Sumas, WA.
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By the way, you don't necessarily have to get a PO Box from an official Post Office. My local UPS store offers mailbox services as well.
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The border crossing to Point Roberts is much quicker than any of the others.

If you're planning on making periodic trips, take this into consideration.

Also, depending on the item and company, they may not ship to a P.O. Box. Instead there are other services in Point Roberts (as well as Blaine and other border towns) that will let you have a regular mailing address. If it's just mail / magazines, then a P.O. Box should be fine.
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Living in North Delta I'd second Point Roberts, unless you're in White Rock. It's handy, the drive is (mostly) highway and (relatively) unimpeded and the border crossing easy. I cycle to the ferry a couple times a month and have made a side trip to PR. Never a problem, never a wait. You can't say that for the Peace Arch.
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err that should be "made a couple side trips". 6 I believe. Not statistically significant but more than one lucky outing to be sure.
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