Mystery song
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Can anyone tell me what this is? if you wouldnt mind having a look see i would be much obliged
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The metadata says it's track 2 of 15 and the album is listed as "Sleepy tunes". I don't know if that helps any.
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Some techno crap made by an "artist" or engineer that doesn't understand compression/clipping. That hurt to listen to.
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I downloaded it. It didn't sound familiar, but it does sound like somebody's mess-around FruityLoops track. Also, the kick drum is clipping bad and hurt to listen to. If this is yours and you wanted people to comment on it, MeMu is that way -->
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tis not mine, it was on a mix cd (called sleepy tunes) made by a friend, he didnt know what it was but i liked its squiffyness so i thought id try and find out. It is possible its homemade tho.

sorry jim but it was recommended right here
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My iPhone app "Shazam" says it's Peter Garland. Title: Penasco Blanco. Lable: Disk Union. Album: Nana + Victorio. I find nothing on amazon, but google is my friend.
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Thanks for the effort cjorgensen, i tried one of those phone and play song namers but it told me the song was by a group called hefner, it isnt i checked. I think this must be homemade, i had a listen on all music guide and its not the same song, it might be a sample but the clip on allmusic isnt long enough to tell.
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