I'm Looking for a PDA for Writing Purposes That Can Access the 'Net Directly
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PDA suggestions? my burgeoning carpal tunnel says just fix an old lap top but-- (more inside)

--it would be so much better if i could write from somewhere besides in this chair. when they first made powerbooks (it was a handmedown), i was everywhere until the battery totally died, then i plugged in but--
i haven't succumbed to even a cell phone yet (though finally having a walkie talkie feature is what i was waiting for)
is there some device that isn't ridiculously priced or inconveniently tiny with extra hoohah to just write and connect to the internet so i don't have to retype, and transfer info to get it online?
(paper is still the easiest, most convenient in so many cases for me)
since i have to make a dsl/cable decision and need to be mobile-- stories, suggestions, and bring on the funny--
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I'm not sure what your question is. If you stated it more clearly in the form of a single sentence it would really, really help.

Are you looking for PDAs? You can't have JUST a PDA for cable modem/DSL, you need a computer too to connect the DSL to and to use to set up the modem and /or the router/wireless access point.
A PDA is very different from a laptop.

I don't know of a laptop that doesn't have a reduced size, straight keyboard, which is not what you need if your carpaling. You could most certainly get a laptop and keep a keyboard around for when you're at your desk/home, though.

Neither decision should change whether you get DSL/Cable, though.

You could try looking at the Tablet PCs that are coming out. You can write on them just like a pad of paper.
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Response by poster: (hmm, it was gone when i tried to respond before, was going to repost it clearer-- )
wireless gadget suggestions (to write/connect from the woods)

there are so many specifics, i just wanted anything anyone wanted to note as great or stay away

the dsl comment is that since i have to find/fix my provider anyway, wireless capability now a factor as well in figuring that out (hopefully a post about that won't piss people off too: provider suggestions?)

i've just noticed that people who 'net through phones and little hand held gizmos end up having weird carpal related problems if they use them a lot.
i don't have a RepetiveStressInjury at the moment, i'm pretty good at avoiding it, but it seems the smaller things, get the more localized the hand/finger movement, the more people get associated RSIs--

the concept of being able to sit in the woods and write in an easily transferable text and even do net work just struck me as something worth investing my extremely meager funds on
since when i first got this imac i was all excited about being able to scoot it around with an eventual airport as i end up reconfiguring my work stations/home as needed per project/comfort

pc based stuff is ok since i can figure simple conversions to mac
but i'm tempted to work with a more laptop hardware savvy person to help me cobble something odd together
that's me, i'm weird and skint

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