We make a good team, my Adidas and me
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My beloved Adidas Samba Classics have a hole in them. Before I buy another pair, are there any other casual, everyday sneakers I should check out?

I've been wearing Sambas for about five years now, and I'm ready to try something new if I can find anything compelling.

I love the Sambas because of their sleek, classic look. The downside is that they're pretty flat and they're not very comfortable if I'm on my feet a lot. Basketball shoes, like Air Force Ones or shell toes, offer more comfort, but usually have big chunky soles that look more sporty than casual.

The Sambas have been great with the weather in Portland too. They're leather, so they don't get my feet wet when it's soggy out, and they're all black, so they don't look dirty. The Adidas Campus is tempting, but I'm not sure how the suede and white soles would look after a rainy spell.

I also have a pair of Air Force Ones, some Chuck Taylors, and a pair of Vans slip ons. My Sambas have remained the go to sneakers in my arsenal.

I'm male, if you're interested. Thanks for your help!
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Best answer: both puma and onitsuka tiger by asics make lots of sleek, classic shoes that look great with everything, have arch support (great for walking miles in nyc!) and are available in tons of great colorways and materials.
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I like Golas (Zappos link), they're in the same vein as Adidas, but more "euro". Cool if you want something a little different than what you can get at Foot Locker.

Check out The Walking Company for a big selection of comfortable non-athletic shoes.

I like trail/hiking shoes for day-to-day wear - check out Merrell and Keen.
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Best answer: are there any other casual, everyday sneakers I should check out?

No. Now, I'll say that the Samba Ks are even more go-to, and worth the extra money, in particular because they're less vulnerable to wearing out at the heel, though the whole kangaroo-leather thing might put you off. I've worn Gazelles and Vans in my time, but Sambas are iconic for a reason. Buy insoles.
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i'll throw in a vote for reebok ballistics (cheap, tough, comfy & classic)
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A little bit flashier is the Nike Blazer.

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I HONESTLY wouldn't know what to do without my Kangaroos. I wear them when I'm on my feet for 10-hour shifts and they're super-comfy. They also come in SO many colors and options: I have a brown pair for brown pants, black for black, and red for days I'm feeling fun. The ones I have aren't leather, so not sure about the rain, but my reds still look pretty presentable after 4 years.
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I've been wearing the same pair of Nike soccer shoes for about 4 years now. Comfortable, durable, clean design. I might switch to all-day-i-dream-about-sex when these wear out, just for a change.
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Response by poster: Great posts, everyone. Thank you. I find holgate's assertion that I've already discovered the one true shoe comforting, and I'm thrilled to learn of a yet-more-awesome version. so I've ordered a pair of Samba K's from Zappos. (If people can wear bunny slippers, why not kangaroo sneakers?) I'll probably look at Golas, Pumas and Tigers to add some more depth to my lineup.
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I forgot to mention that while Golas aren't common here in the US, they're pretty popular in the UK (it's a British company).
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Golas had a bad rap in my school days, but they're having their retro revenge.

Thanks, chrchr: the Samba is iconic in my native locale, but the one design flaw with the Classic is that the cloth inside-heel wears out and exposes the plastic backing. (If you're a Samba devotee, you know what I mean.) The Ks have a more wear-resistant leather (or pleather) heel, and they're basically everything you like in the Classic plus none of the annoyance. I went through a pair of Classics a year, but the Ks will probably see me through at least two years, as a three-season shoe.

(Puma Kings are iconic too, though I've never owned a pair.)
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