Where to find a big place that offers little cool things?
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There have got to be some fairs, antique markets, or craft events going on in southern California. Right? I'm dying to find some sort of fair or bazaar setting where people offer mostly hand-made or collectible trinkets, or similar odds-and-ends - without any 'modern factory-based goods' making their way into the booths.

I hear the Ren Fair is starting to suffer from the later, as well as the Rodeum (sp?) in Torrance. The antique market in Alameda looks really cool, but... it's way up in Alameda, and I'm in the south bay.

This is a big state! There's gotta be something like that around here. Please help me find it!
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I was just discussing this with a friend over brunch today. We are planning to go to Felt Club in a couple of weeks. From previous experience there is lots of cool stuff, but it gets utterly packed and very hot (no AC). Lots of cool hand-made stuff, but prices can be high. Worth checking out anyway. Someone else had a flyer for a vintage clothing and fabric market, which I didn't pay attention to because I'm not the crafty sort.

There's also the Rose Bowl flea market in Pasadena (every 2 weeks? month? not sure).
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Here's a link for the Rose Bowl market, coming up next weekend!

Also, I didn't mean to put you off Felt Club, I meant to say "so get there early!" on the end of the sentence complaining about the crowds and heat :)
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Every so often the Bazaar Bizarre will put on an event in LA. Doesn't look like there's anything planned right now, but it's a pretty neat scene when it happens. It does get pretty crowded, though.
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This is only for the holiday season, but should be cool....
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I've been to the Rose Bowl Flea Market, and while I love it...it's far from what the poster is asking for. Most of that stuff is DEFINITELY modern factory-based goods.
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I'm a native Southern Californian (currently living there too!), and although craft fairs are something I'd be happy to frequent, we seldom see that sort of thing 'round here.

That said, have you heard of Etsy?

Wait, there is actually something coming up! Bust Magazine's Craftacular is in LA on December 6th. I haven't been before, but it sounds promising.
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