Can you identify any of these old cars?
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I came across a stash of old postcards in the basement. I'm trying to identify the cars pictured in the postcards, but I haven't gotten very far. The pictures are here; unfortunately the resolution's not great.
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The top photograph looks to me like a mid 1950's oldsmobile or buick, I'm thinking a 56 Holiday 88 convertible, but I haven't found a pic yet.
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Also, the bottom picture appears to have, from left to right, a Studebaker, a four-door 61 or 62 vintage Chevrolet, and an Edsel. I'd date it before 1964 or 65.
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The small beige car second from the left of the middle image looks like a VW Golf Mk 1 to me. Can't help with the rest.
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I think the middle photo, left car, is more like a 70s VW Rabbit. The 3rd car on that wall looks like a 70s Dodge Charger. The white car to the far right is 70s Monte Carlo. The foreground blue car, and the beige car in the middle are familiar, but I can't think of the names. If they pop into my head I'll comment again.
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OK, the beige and blue cars may both be mid-70s Chevy Novas. When they ruined the Nova.
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(One or both of the possible Novas could also be Dodge Aspens.)
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VW Golf (Europe) = VW Rabbit (US) - Neither of them exactly obvious names for a car...
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First Car 1956 Oldsmobile 98

Thirtd cars L to R Plymouth Valiant, Cevrolet, (1959?) Ford
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Oh, and seconding Fuzzy Skinner on the Dodge Charger, now I think about it... I had a toy one.
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in the middle pic, can't tell what the car around the corner far left is, but others are a mid/late 70s VW Rabbit, a 78 or so Dodge Aspen, a white Plymouth Barracuda (or the Dodge equivalent), a blue 76 Chevy Nova, and the white car on the right looks like a 75ish Chevy Monte Carlo.
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Folks, the white car in the second picture is not a Dodge Charger. The rear window pillars are all wrong. Looks more like a ~'68 Dodge Challenger, with stupid bumper & all.
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Fuzzy Skinner writes "(One or both of the possible Novas could also be Dodge Aspens.)"

The white car, middle pic, second from the left is a 76-80 Dodge Aspen. 76-79 were identical externally and 80 coupes only had variation in grills so you can't narrow it down more than that from the pic. It could also be a Volare with a tail light swap. The blue car is not an Aspen/Volare.

The mystery "Volkswagon" could be an Dodge Omni / Plymouth Horizon.

The first car bottom pic is definately an early 60-62 Valiant, probably a 60-61 though it's tough to tell from the pic.
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No disrespect Mitheral, but I'm not convinced on the Dodge Omni - the way the rear wheels sit at the back looks all wrong to me... I can't believe I just typed that...
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No sweat, I'm not sure at all. I just know I get rabbits and omnis confused.
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The blue car on the bottom left is probably an early to mid 60s Dodge Lancer.
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Agreed w/Fuzzy: Bottom-left blue car is a '61 Dodge Lancer
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Bottom photo, the car on the right is a 1959 Ford.
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