Where to find tech job market expert in Boston
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Jobsearch Filter: Where in the Boston (inside 128) area can I find a headhunter to evaluate my experience and tell me what my best shot is?

I would be willing to pay somebody who is intimately familiar with the current Boston programming / QA / tech writing / customer support markets to evaluate my experience and tell me in what area I am most likely to find work.

All of the programming experience is in languages that are no longer in use. I am 51.
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While not exactly what you are looking for, when job hunting recently I worked with Profile Staffing, who are headhunters in the advertising and media industries but with a heavy focus on interactive and new media. They therefore have plenty of experience placing programmers and developers at agencies and production houses and the like, and so might be able to help you out.

MetaMail me if you'd like a more direct introduction to some of their headhunters.
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