Where can I find an mp3 of children singing the Swedish Christmas carol, "Nu är det jul igen"?
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Where can I buy/find the mp3 of the traditional Swedish Christmas carol, "Nu är det jul igen" with children singing it?

I'm looking for the song "Nu är det jul igen", but a very specific version. Does anyone know where I can find a version in which children are singing but not a church choir (the Mont-Royal version)... something less formal. I'm looking for as close as I can get to the background music in this video.

Thanks AskMeFi!
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Best answer: I'm 99% certain your video uses this version, only sped up slightly. None of the other versions I've found have the upbeat cadence of this one.
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These are all Norwegian versions (I think), but the one you are looking for is possibly the second from the top on this page as it refers to a children's choir in the artist listing.
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