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I'm in the process of writing a grant for a projector and laptop to run it. It's for a small rural fire department and the total budget is roughly 4.5k. I need two prices for each and know nothing about projectors -- I'm looking for a well regarded projector manufacturer and two good online retailers selling the brand. The laptop isn't an issue, I'll use Dell and IBM (I know there are better sources but these folks like names they've heard of).
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Manufacturers aside, one thing you really want is lumens and lots of them. This is the difference between being able to see a nice, bright image in a dim room and seeing a lousy, dim image in a very dark room. Another thing is to check the price on replacement bulbs. They can cost a pretty penny.
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Plinth is very right. (Hi, Plinth! Long time no talk.)

Another point is that you're going to want a very durable laptop. As far as I know, the IBM T40 is one of the top-rated for durability right now. Many people have complained about the Dell laptops being flexible and flimsy.
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Dell and IBM both sell projectors.

I bought an IBM T41 partly based on MeFites' recommendations. I have tested the durability factor (wet pavement, slippery soles, multiple items in arms, something had to give); no problems then or since.
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