Optoma PICO for watching DVDs at home?
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Do you own an Optoma PICO projector? If so, are you happy with it?

I'm considering buying an Optoma PK301 projector to use at home - it will be plugged in when in use, and used to show DVDs on a screen from a laptop in a room that's very dark with the blinds drawn. PICO owners - is there anything I should be wary of in using one for this? Another projector that you wish you'd bought instead?

We need decent (but not top-of-the-line flawless) picture quality, can't regularly pay a lot for replacement bulbs, and have about $400 USD to spend now.
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If you're going to get it for home use, I don't think a pico projector is wise- you're sacrificing picture quality/brightness for portability.

A great budget projector is the Optoma HD66, but its around $650 and would be worlds better than the Pico.
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Agreed. If you don't actually need to travel with it, go for a full size. I have an Optoma (don't remember the model number, but it cost ~$700 and does 1080p) and it's worked great for me. It's actually pretty small too, would easily fit in a backpack.
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