How to manage music and spin the dial on the Sansa Connect?
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Sansa Connect two-fer: (1) the little dial sometimes become immobile; (2) which program to use now that Yahoo Jukebox has bitten the dust?

My Sansa Connect is under a year old. The little dial formerly became un-spinnable only on airplanes; now it stops working more frequently, for no reason I have been able to discern. Any suggestions?

Also, is anyone using Rhapsody to manage music on the Connect? Or other programs? Yahoo Jukebox was never that great, and now I can't even seem to save playlists in there anymore.
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Best answer: Looks like the Connect works with MTP, so I would recommend Windows Media Player 11 if you can run it. Sure it's from Microsoft but I think it's the best of the MTP music managers. You could also try Mediamonkey.

The dial is probably a hardware issue of some kind, so it may be tough to resolve.
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Best answer: If it's like my friend's Sansa Clip, you can just drag & drop files from Windows Explorer.
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Best answer: Rhapsody is cool, if you already use the monthly service. Otherwise it is an ungainly, painful, clunky, poorly written, pile of crap. It looks like Winamp supports portable players now, and it is relatively lightweight and uncomplicated compared to WMP or Rhapsody.
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Best answer: This page claims that contact cleaner worked to fix their dial problems. I'd add the footnote that you want a plastic-safe electronics contact cleaner (Like BlueShower), not automotive contact cleaner, which damages many plastics.
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