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What was awesome to have when you lived in the jungle?

My sister is going to do research on orangutans in Indonesia sometime next year. Her birthday is in November and I'd like to get her something incredibly useful for her trip. From what I understand she'll be living, quite literally, in the jungle, without electricity or running water. Have you or has someone you know done something like this before? What one item, that can be purchased by a poor law student for $50 or less, were you SO glad you had? I was thinking of a really nice raincoat, but good ones are a little bit out of my price range. Having never lived in the jungle, I'm a little stumped. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!
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Babywipes? Not very eco friendly but as long as she keeps up with them after they are used, it should be no problem. You could get lots for $50.
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A headlamp.

If orangutans are anything like baboons she'll need to get up at 5am and chase them
down. A headlamp helps you navigate trails while still keeping your hands free.
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a nice knife. whether a leatherman, a gerber multitool, or something else.

never been to Indonesia, but i am an Eagle Scout with lots of wilderness experience.
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Not under $50, but worth every penny: get her a jungle hammock. Waaaay better than a tent, especially in the wet dampness. There are some less expensive models if you shop around a bit, though I think $100 is about as cheap as they get.
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A machete! But I'm not sure she'd be able to take that there.
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A good mosquito net, preferably one impregnated with Permethrin.
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Mr. Shrdlu has it right. Indonesia is mosquito heaven, and malaria is everywhere.
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mosquito repellant with as much DEET as you can possibly find. Buy her as much as you can get for $50.
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Quick drying towel and/or socks.
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Rubber boots - not a very sexy gift, but a must-have.

Short of that, a pocket-knife / leatherman sounds like a great idea. Thoughtful AND utilitarian!
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I suggest looking through the Kevin Kelly Cool Tools archive. This pocket-sized UV water purifier is particularly useful. It would let her enjoy her time in the jungle and not bring dysentery back with her
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How about a solar powered charger for her iPod? She'll probably want to hear her own tunes after hearing so many of the local Indonesian Orangutan bands out there. (Sorry, in my world, the idea of a bunch of Orangutans playing music together qualifies as humor). Seriously though, think about the charger.

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i have an ex-roommate friend who spent last summer in the borneo jungle doing research with orangutans. i'll ask her and get back.
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A friend of mine was in the military during the Panama invasion. He said the individually sealed wet wipes were a godsend during that time.
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You might still be able to buy her a nice raincoat: have you perused the Sierra Trading Post catalog? They have tons of outdoorsy stuff for cheap.
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A headlamp and a bunch of batteries, and a couple really, really, good books. (A novel that takes place in the jungles of indonesia would probably be great, if it exists!) A good travel journal. A scented candle or scented lotion. (Smells are really good for making far away places feel more like home.) A really huge memory card for her camera.

Don't get her the practical "mosquito net/hand wipes/etc" gift. She'll get that stuff regardless, and anything else that's truly necessary will be available locally.
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ok, here's my primatologist buddy's response:

"She'll have a ton of equipment to carry so you want it to be
1) useful
2) light & small
3) not something that she can get over there (rubber boots are plentiful as long as she's under size 10, she can get wet-wipes there too)

What I could not find there:
-high quality mosquito repellent (30-99% deet)
-medicines from home (make her a care package with anti-histimines, ibuprofen, aspirin, cold/flu medicine (even though it's hot you still get colds), laxatives, tums) because the last thing you want when you are sick is to try to read packaging that is unfamiliar :(
-electrolytes (like gastrolyte) are AMAZING for dehydration, it is like magic, I carry it on me all the time when I'm there
-yes: the permethrin treated mosquito net! Get a big one, mine was too small so I was always sleeping like a mummy to not get elbow bites
-a flashlight that is powered by winding not batteries
-knife sounds good
-industrial dry bags (like for kayaking) from the outdoor sports store, and reusable silica gel (the little packages that say "do not eat") because it is so humid that your electronics get fried. She'll have to read up on this.

Wow I could go on and on...hopefully she has people to give her advice? She can contact me.

Best of all just ask her what she needs. Probably shopping with her and being a support is the best thing that you can do it always takes me a month of stressful preparations and some well meaning gifts don't make the cut. Also tuck a letter into her bag :)"
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A bunch of surgical masks so she can block out the smoke from the huge brushfires which rage through Borneo and Sumatra pretty much unchecked for months on end.
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a silk sleeping bag liner, and a small inflatable pillow with pillowcase
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Berrocca tablets contain loads of vitamin B and are great for keeping mosquitos away as well as making a tasty orange drink out of purified water.

Waterproof socks and a Swiss army knife. Sweets that don't melt.
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I know it sounds funny but this is cheap, lightweight and easy to do. I spent some time with the Orang Asli in Malaysia and one of the things that really went down very well was when I showed them photos of my world. I had a few small photos of happy times that gave me strength when trekking and became really good ways of communicating visually with my hosts. Other than that, wet-wipes, kendal mint cake, dirolytes, small compass and swiss army pen knife all useful.
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I used to live in a village surrounded by rain forest, and I am going to second the mosquito netting (although that could be found there) and insect repellent with DEET -- that was the only thing that worked vs insect.

Also my favorite possession during my 2 yrs overseas: a shortwave radio. Batteries can be purchased in most villages. It was great staying contacted to the rest of the world in terms of news and music. May cost more than 50 dollars though.
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IDNLITJ - but I can remember vaguely being there, and this much I can say. FREEDOM - numero uno reason for being there. Because you can BE and BE among compadres and those compadres can be 2 legged or 4. You can be in nature and breathe nature. And you can eat freely from the ones that grow above and the ones that grow below. And build your house from bamboo - major PLUS - major major. And water, fish and herbs available. And the connection to all that is. What else.......maybe I left something out. But that's the gist of it.
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Good lord, also tell her to bring tons of Benadryl pills, Benadryl cream, and cortisone cream. I'm recovering from being chewed to death in Costa Rica and I would have gone out of my mind without the Benadryl.
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