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Please recommend a wireless picture frame that I can load with pictures remotely (through an online service like Picasa, by emailing the device, etc). This is for my grandparents, so the frame should require minimal to no interaction once set up, and I would like to avoid subscription fees for the WiFi service. Decent picture quality and viewing angle would be nice too.
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Maybe the Parrot DF7700, when it becomes available in the US. The feature it will have that you want is the ability to send it pictures via a mobile phone (it has a built-in SIM card). So you just call the frame, send it a picture, and the picture is uploaded and displayed without any fuss.

Otherwise, the WiFi part of the DPF (digital picture frame) just connects to one's existing WiFi. So your grandparents need to either have WiFi on their local network, add WiFi to their local network, or live in a situation where they have free access to someone else's open WiFi network. If your grandparents don't have a local network, much less a local network with WiFi, this is moot. If your grandparents do have access to such a network, the DPF is treated as just another WiFi device.
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Response by poster: It goes without saying that I would set up WiFi for them. And, again, I'm looking specifically for a frame that can automatically load stuff from an online album or its own email box rather than just using the WiFi functionality to access other computers on the LAN.
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How do you plan on avoiding subscription feeds for the WiFi service?

This product will "Get photos from Social Network, RSS, Email and almost all online source." First result from this search.
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subscription fees
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Response by poster: How do you plan on avoiding subscription feeds for the WiFi service?

Possibly by using a product like the one you linked, which specifically says there are no subscription fees.
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Right, but you'll need some sort of Internet connection to broadcast in the house. Do they have existing WiFi? Otherwise, you'll need to setup an Internet connection at their house, which will no doubt have a subscription fee.
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Wow, those look incredibly cool. Apparently you can feed them pictures directly through email, or even easier, through an rss feed like from flickr.
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Response by poster: Okay, to clarify further, I was referring to any subscription fees the manufacturer of the frame might charge to access the automatic downloading capability of the frame. I am not referring to the cost of an Internet connection.
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