Ambient music name.
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Identifying the name of an ambient song.

I was listening to either Space Station or The Drone Zone a few weeks ago on Soma Fm and a song that I heard there has been stuck in head ever since.

It was kind of ambient with a woman wordlessly singing in a native-americany style. The beat of the song was similar to the cadence of a horse walking. (I know it sounds kind of hokey but I still want to hear it again.)

I've emailed the guy who DJs the channels but have not received a response.

Does anyone know the name of this song?
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Probably something by Cyberzen: the hokiest white-people-pretending-to-be-native-american music ever to show up on SomaFM.
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I never really listened to Drone Zone or Space Station much, but I used to listen to Groove Salad quite a bit and I think the playlists overlap to some extent. Tanola Nomads by Sainkho certainly fits your description of the cadence, and I suppose Tuvan throat singing could be construed as a "wordless native-americany style."
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Somafm's playlists cycle fairly frequently, so you could look through their extended playlists (Drone Zone and Space Station). If you can pinpoint the time that you thought you heard it, you might be able to narrow your search. [You can change the page numbers in the URL to avoid endless clicking through individual pages].
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I love! Googly gave my exact suggestion, but just wanted to toss a nod to another SOMA listener. :)
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Best answer: Water Drums by Union Jack.
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