Blocking Popups (Clicking on Text) in Firefox?
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I'm using Firefox 3. I'm getting popup ads when I click on text (non ads), like at For example, while reading: If I click on the text, there'll be a popup ad. I have popups turned off in Firefox, but that isn't working for this particular case. Any help?
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Use a program like AdAware to check if your computer is infected with ad-generating malware.

You may also want to try the AdBlock Extension for Firefox. It does an excellent job of stripping advertising from the internet.
posted by sindark at 2:06 PM on October 23, 2008

My Adblock Plus subscription has a built-in regular expression that filters out and My guess is those are the responsible scripts, FWIW. It whitelists* which appears to be an ad server but I can't replicate your problem, so I don't think that's the offending script.
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Text meaning the actual article itself, not any ads of course.
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Inspector.Gadget: THANK YOU! That worked perfect!!! :)
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No problem, glad it worked. I'm not sure why the ABP EasyList maintainer blocks one of Salon's ad servers but not the maybe that the one also serves flash videos or something and the hbx* one is just obnoxious click grabbing.
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