Average used iPod price tracker?
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Is there a website that tracks the average selling price of used items? I'm particularly interested in used iPod prices, but something more general would be nice too. The price they actually go for would be more helpful than the original asking price. All I've been able to find are paid services for eBay sellers, but they seem like overkill for my needs.
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Best answer: I would search EBay completed listings.
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Best answer: Or used items on Amazon.com, which gives you a range of prices from sellers of used goods.
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I agree with PFL. Whenever I'm curious about something like that, I just do an advanced search on eBay and specify "completed listings only"... it usually does the trick.
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Seconding the eBay completed listings search. You have to have an account to search it, but totally worth it if you need to get a rough idea of how much something is worth.
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Yup, eB completed listings.
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eBay completed listings is great for this.
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Response by poster: Thanks. That's certainly good enough for my purposes, to figure out how much I should be charging. Still, if anyone knows of something that'll just show the current average, and maybe a graph of past trends, I'd appreciate it. (Wouldn't it be cool to see your gadgets losing value in real time?)
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Best answer: Here is a site graphing the average price of ipods sold on craigslight over time

It will graph all sorts of other craigslist data too, over different timeframes and for different localities.
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Technically, there is no way to track selling prices on craigslist, rather it is a list of asking prices.

I've often wondered what Ebay Marketplace Research and similar licensed services are like, but I've never looked into them. 90 days of past auctions isn't a lot of extra history though..
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