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Anybody know of a place online (or in the Boston area) where I can buy prints of Sidney Paget's Sherlock Holmes illustrations? Don't really care if they're new or vintage but would ideally like to be able to get the whole series from a given story (all the illustrations for "The Red Headed League," for instance).

I remember coming across a site years ago where you could order prints of any of the Paget illustrations but can't find it now. The Sherlock Holmes Museum Shop has a few prints for sale but none I want.
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Searching for "Paget" on seems to return quite a few useful results.
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You probably remember the Paget Press.

"The complete collection of Sidney Paget's illustrations as originally printed in The Strand Magazine, in individual reproductions (8 1/2 x 11) -- $5.95, (11 x 17) -- $9.95 US...Please identify which Illustration, from whichever story in the Canon, you desire."

That's from 2000, and I have no idea if the company's even still around - I can't find any ohter mention of them online. If they've gone belly up, allposters has sixteen designs, and bakerstreet at Cafe Press has another dozen.
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