I need eggs.
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Where can I buy white, plastic, hollow (but non-fillable) eggs?

I'm working on an art project and I'd really like to incorporate white, plastic eggs--lots of them. What I'm looking for are hollow, white eggs, and by non-fillable I mean that don't want the kind that you can take apart in the middle. I'd prefer a matte white, but any kind of white (or light colour) will do!

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I've seen them at Michael's craft stores. Is there any way you can use foam/styrofoam eggs instead? They're a lot easier to find (and cheaper).
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Would real eggshells be too delicate? You can hollow them out quite easily, though it might be a lot of work for really large volumes (takes a couple seconds each, but multiply that by a couple hundred and...). But eggs can still be found for four dollars for three dozen, which I think is probably better than any price you'll pay for plastic ones.
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Try here.
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I would either make my own with a slipmold (if you really need it to be hollow) or adapt the ones readily available for filling. Some Krylon Fusion and careful use of glue to hold it together and hide the seam should do it.
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Why not buy some of the traditional multi-colored, fillable plastic eggs. Then, paint/dip them in gesso.

Granted, they'll have to dry, but it should give you a white matte finish and should also hide the seam/keep the eggs together.
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are ping pong balls too roundy?
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Kids' fake food at a toy store.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the suggestions, everyone! I will check out Michael's and look into using real eggs. I thought about using real eggs, but then I'd need to figure out what to do with the egg whites and yolks as I will be using LOTS of eggs. Thanks again!
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Try a livestock feed store. I keep chickens in my backyard and have bought one fake, but realistic looking, egg for each nest. One egg left in the nest after collecting encourages the chickens to lay more, without worrying about the real egg rotting.
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