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A question about the RCA Lyra and the use of a Compact Flash storage card.

So, I've got this RCA Lyra (RD2780A) from a few Christmas' ago. I never found it to be very handy, since it had a hard drive, so it has spent most of its life in a drawer. Now, I've got a brand spankin' new digital SLR with a Compact Flash storage card. There is a Compact Flash drive in the Lyra and I thought I could use the Lyra as a traveling slide show and avoid excessive handling and passing around of the camera. But, when I pop the storage card into the Lyra, I cannot figure out how to access it. It is as if the card does not exist to the Lyra.

I used a Compact Flash card in it previously, but it was for music storage and when I found that I couldn't play music from the CF drive, I returned it. I seem to remember reading in the manual that photos could be read/displayed from the CF.

Consult the manual, you say? RCA doesn't have it on their website anymore and I never printed it out. Like I said, the Lyra was never very handy and I imagine that RCA figured this out and gave up on the system. Especially since you don't need a hard drive to get 20g these days...

Is this a matter of old vs. new technology of Compact Flash cards? (My mother had a similar experience with Smart Drives; a new card failed to read in an older laptop and camera.)

Do you know how to access the CF drive in the Lyra? (I've found websites that claim they will give me the manual, but I'm not very trusting and am quite hesitant to download anything that I do not know is coming directly from the source.)
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There are different types of CF card, it may be incompatible:

Wikipedia CF cards.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the wiki article, I didn't think to investigate the actual cards.

But, the card fit in the Lyra without trouble. Size seems to be the main difference in the two types of CF cards. *scratches head* Unless, I'm misunderstanding the statements about NOR-based and NAND-based systems. I read that as being the difference between CF cards and other memory cards (SmartMedia and MiniCard).
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