Cheezy answering machine messages from the 80s.
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"Wait for the Beep! You gotta leave your name, you gotta leave your number . . " It was this cheezy late night tv commericial for an answering machine tape with "wacky" messages. Does anyone know the source for this or if there exist any samples?
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I think Don't Hang Up: Rock and Roll Answering Machine might be it, but I can't find any clips.
posted by FreezBoy at 6:47 AM on September 25, 2004

I don't think that "Don't Hang Up" is it -- it doesn't have the Beethoven parody "Nobody's Home" on it. I'm digging around Google looking for that now and can't find it on cd, though lots of people seem to remember the lyrics.
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Yeah, Kittyb, that's basically been my GoogleLuck. It's quite possible that nobody ever bought this product, therefore making it the least successfull tv promotion in history.

"Nobody's home" would have to be on there, it's true.
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"Nobody's Home" was most definitely definitely on it. My then-housemate bought it sometime in the mid-80s, and tortured Beethoven graced our answering machine for several months. I seriously doubt she still has the tape, but I'll send an email and get back to you if she does.
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