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Looking for a small appliance they used to sell on TV to make hamburger patties. It was simply a clear plastic tube with circular dividers. Drop in meat, divider, meat, divider, meat, diver, meat, etc. -- then smush it into even patties. Can't Google, cuz I don't know what the hell it was called.
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This thing? (If the server is still barfing up exceptions, here's the Google cache)
posted by nikzhowz at 3:13 AM on September 25, 2004

Response by poster: Bingo! How'd you ever find that? Muchly appreciated.
posted by RavinDave at 3:40 AM on September 25, 2004

Thank Ron Popeil. My two surefires, "ronco hamburger" and "popeil hamburger" bombed, but one of Ron's slice-dice-buff-wax gizmos said it could press hamburgers. "tv hamburger press" worked.
posted by nikzhowz at 5:41 AM on September 25, 2004

i knew it as the patty stacker.
posted by heather at 7:11 AM on September 25, 2004

How does the top one not squoosh the bottoms ones even further?
posted by XQUZYPHYR at 8:23 AM on September 25, 2004

Hrmm, they don't work nearly as well in real life as they do on TV, but they're not bad. Buy lots of extra dividers, though, if you intend to freeze them in the stack because it works best if you put two in between each layer of hamburger - or one divider and a layer of wax paper. The difficulty is that the dividers will freeze quite solidly to the meat, so in order to break the stack apart, you need to give them something to not freeze to, like another divider. Also, the dividers will discolour and such over time, so you may just want ones that don't look quite so skanky, after awhile.
posted by jacquilynne at 8:32 AM on September 25, 2004

Ah, the Miles Kimball catalog. Next best thing to Lillian Vernon. ::sigh:: </nostalgia>
posted by ChrisTN at 9:42 AM on September 25, 2004

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