Shoulder Brace for a woman
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I broke my shoulder and collarbone in an accident. I've had the surgery, now I need a good brace to just give me some additional support for my shoulder when I'm doing my crazy activities. Only problem, none of the ones I want seem to be designed for...ummm... a woman.

Does anyone have any experience with neoprene shoulder braces? I'm just looking for a little added support that will hold my shoulder in a little more when I do some activities. However, the ones I've been looking for don't seem like they would work for me.

So, here's the deal. I want a brace like this: , or similar, that would work for a woman with a chest.

Any advice, especially personal experience would be great. If it matters, I'd prefer it to be lightweight, with ample support, but flexible enough to wear during the running and biking legs of a triathlon. Thanks!
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Sorry, linked link to the brace
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Several WNBA players wore shoulder braces last season (e.g., Candace Parker). Have you checked out sports merchandise websites?
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Maybe this?

The Vulkan Shoulder Strap applies uniform compression around the 'ball' of the shoulder (Deltoid and Rotator cuff region). Women often find that the Vulkan Shoulder Strap is very comfortable to wear as the strap does not cut across the breast region.
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