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Selling a Dell inspiron 1520 laptop in Canada - advice?

T7300 Processor, 2Gigs of ram, 8600GT gfx card, 9cell battery, 2 years of remaining warranty, Vista home, excellent condition.

Its a pretty great gaming rig. TF2, Oblivion, Crysis, etc.

Selling from Canada.

Anyone have any advice for where to sell it and how much I could expect to receive?
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Depending on where you are, may be your best option for selling it online. Think Craig's List but better. As far as price goes, you'll get considerably more selling it privately than you would selling it to a used computer/electronics store. If you want to get an idea of what you should sell it for, take it to a used shop and have them give you a price. Refuse their offer and then list it for at least twice what they offered you. For a better idea hit all of the stores in your area to get an average.
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Selling from canada TO canada?

You might have some luck posting an add on Facebook (if you have facebook). Many universities have vast amounts of people posting on and looking through the marketplace section. You could also advertise on campuses near you. I emphasise campuses because students are usually the most desperate to find cheap laptops.
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Think Craig's List but better.

Err.. Only not nearly as good! However, in any given community you have to check both Craigslist and Kijiji, because you want to select the busier one (or both, of course). Also, consider the BST forum on redflagdeals.

As for price.. There was an ebay buy-it-now sale of an almost identical unit for $750 on October 3rd and comparable but lesser speced units go for over $500 regularly. $750 sounds like way too much to me, but I'm exceptionally cheap (also, one might be able to call the ebay one "new").
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