Help me become Moleculo - THE MOLECULAR MAN!!!
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Where can I find a generic superhero costume?

Someone else's AskMe question (actually, my answer) made me decide to be Moleculo (The Molecular Man!!!) for Halloween. Trouble is, where do I find a generic superhero costume?

Google yielded a ton of Halloween costume sites, but they all have specific costumes (Batman, Wolverine, etc.). And I need a non-specific costume. Imagine Superman, but instead of an "S" on the chest, an atom symbol.

Any ideas? Thanks!
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tights, gym shorts, tight shirt & cape = superhero. Get some cheap shoes and paint them a coordinating color. Shoes can really make a costume look better. Boots would be even better. gloves & mask optional. Actually, when I read generic superhero, I was thinking that a barcode insignia would work well, but Moleculo sounds good. Target has microfiber tights that are comfortable
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hockey shoulder pads (or the like) help one look just that little bit more super ...
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Maybe here.
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Response by poster: If I could get leggings, I could wear bike shorts over them. But the top would be trickier. I would really like to be consistant in material - preferably, all spandex.

Shebear - That might do the trick! I'll check them out. Thanks!
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You might want to check with a dance supply/gymnastics/ice skating/etc. store as they should have form-fitting bodysuits for men.
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I could swear I posted this before, but i must not have hit "post" hard enough. Anyway, look in dance supply/similar stores for a unitard.
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Best answer:! You would probably have to do your own chest decal, though.
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Best answer: For boots, you should go with a pair of Funtasma boots. They have all sortsa wacky superhero boots that I would totally buy if I had an excuse to.
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Spandex? Did you say spandex?

Normally I would suggest but they are already overbooked for the holiday. You could try River's Edge though they might also be a bit overbooked.

Good luck, you're looking at tight deadline.

A tight, shinny deadline...
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