Where did Ad Block Plus go?
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Where did Ad Block Plus go?

I use FF3 and noticed in the last day or two that ad block plus has stopped working and the little 'stop' sign has disappeared. It is still listed in my add-ons and is enabled.
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Still works just fine for me. Maybe try un- and re-installing (you can get it here), or check the settings (Tools->AdBlock->Preferences) for anything weird?
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Adblock plus has options to make icons appear in: the toolbar, the status bar, both, or neither. Do you have either of these options unchecked?
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I unchecked the 'display on toolbar' and then rechecked it and it came back but there were no filters. I downloaded Filterset.G and its working again
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Just so you're aware, Adblock Plus and the Filterset.G extension are not compatible. Adblock Plus, unlike the Original Adblock, can subscribe to filters internally and provides a fairly rich selection. If you meant that you subscribed to the same filterset from within AB+, then you're fine.
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If they're not compatible, why is it working?
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Apparently there is a Filterset.G extension for Adblock and Adblock Plus, called the "Adblock Filterset.G Updater," but it is specifically not recommended by the developers of ABP.

They note that it's incompatible and requires a separate extension, it's slow, the list uses complicated regexps, and has sometimes erroneous whitelist rules. (More here.) There's obviously some bad blood here, but since they're the ones maintaining the crucial piece of software, they're kind of on the short list of people whose opinions matter.

Also the implementation seems like a hack; rather than using the subscription functionality that's built into ABP, it's a separate extension to just grab Filterset.G and shoehorn it in. Strikes me as a fairly bad idea all around, especially when you can accomplish the same thing by just subscribing to EasyList USA from within ABP and not have an additional extension.

The fact that it happens to work doesn't mean that it's a good idea; it's pretty clear that the people who make ABP and the people or person maintaining the Filterset.G list don't really have much interest in cooperating, and forcing them together with a piece of middleware seems like a lot of trouble for very little gain.

If it works I suppose you could keep using it until it finally breaks, or the people making the 'Updater' extension get tired of playing couples' counselor between warring software projects. But as long as you're messing around with it now, you might as well get it into a configuration that will probably be stable for a while, and that seems to involve ditching Filterset.G.
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If you right click on the toolbar and choose "Customize", is the stop sign an option in the list of available buttons? I've had to retrieve it from there before. Just drag it wherever you'd like it to be on the toolbar.
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I have to admit, I've tried Filterset.G and I've tried EasyList, and Filterset.G is far more effective.
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