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In Movable Type, how do you jigger it so the URLs of the individual entries display the title of the piece, as opposed to the entry number?
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Dig around the Weblog Config > Archive Files menu. When you see < $mtentryid$> in the Individual Archives set, replace it with < $mtentrytitle dirify="1" $>.

On preview: Make sure the capitalization is correct, there seems to be some auto-lower-casing thingy going on. Should be MTEntryID and MTEntryTitle.
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Go to Weblog Config | Archive Files. Make sure "Individual" under "Archive Types" is checked. In the corresponding text field, put <$MTArchiveDate format="%Y/%m/%d/"$><$MTEntryTitle dirify="1"$>

(Actually the MTArchiveDate tag isn't strictly necessary, but it's good practice to use date-separated archive files so entries with the same title don't overwrite each other by mistake.)
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Dive Into Mark's Cruft-Free URLs.
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