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What's the relationship between the ActionScript namespaces fl.* and flash.* ?
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Yeah, the naming situation around Flash-related technologies is a mess. I believe flash.* is the Flash Player's intrinsic API, whereas fl.* is a set of components/classes provided by the Flash CS tool (similar to how mx.* is the set of components/classes provided by the Flex framework).
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Those aren't namespaces, they're packages. ActionScript namespaces are an entirely different, strange beast that are one of the unique features of the language. The public, private, protected, and internal access specifiers are implemented in Actionscript with namespaces, which are a user-accessible feature.
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Response by poster: OK, good point about the definition of namespace.
Do you happen to know the relationship between the two packages?
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fl.* is almost certainly implemented using flash.* (I say "almost" because I haven't actually seen the source code, but I don't see many other possibilities). Think of the Flash Player as a runtime environment with an API (exposed to AS via flash.*); pretty much any code that does something interesting when running in the Flash Player is ultimately going to depend on that API (otherwise you're just working with AS/ES primitives).
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