Hosted email marketing service with sequential autoresponder service recommendation?
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Looking for recommendations for a sequential autoresponder for email marketing. A sequential autoresponder sends an email today, waits 3 days, sends a different message, waits 5 days sends a different message, etc.

I'm currently using MailBuild, a white label variant of Campaign Monitor. They don't offer an autoresponder. I would prefer to use a hosted service. I know that Constant Contact is now doing this, but I hate the way they brand every email with their huge logo in the footer.

Side question: is there a way to get rid of the Constant Contact footer?
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Eloqua does this and a lot, lot more. It also costs a lot, lot more.
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Response by poster: Thanks GuyZero, I've left Eloqua a message for a callback. Cost is less of an issue than finding the right solution.
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You can schedule delivery with MailChimp. And there's no logos added to your messages either.
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Side question: is there a way to get rid of the Constant Contact footer?

I know they've done this in the past for a few customers they've had close relationships with. However, this isn't standard, and I'm not sure what the secret handshake is for getting in that close. It might be having management in your company that knows management in theirs.
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Response by poster: You can schedule delivery...

I think all of the services let you schedule delivery, but it's based on sending the campaign out to a list. I need something that can handle per-client scheduling. For example, someone makes a purchase and gets an email, then every week after get follow-up emails.

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Response by poster: Shoot, forgot to close the em tag. Sorry about that.
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Best answer: The standard industry term for this is 'workflow' or 'lead nurture'. My company is evaluating several options for this right now. You might try taking a look at Silverpop/Vtrenz, Eloqua, and Manticore. These are generally high end solutions that do complicated marketing automation, and take some investment of time to get the best results. There are also lower end solutions like Campaigner Pro which might fit the bill for you.
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Response by poster: Campaigner Pro might be just what I'm looking for. Thanks Philbo!
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