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JobFilter: There are plenty of online resources for those seeking a job, e.g. resume tips and example cover letters. However, I can't seem to find any examples that would be useful for the person on the other end...

I've found myself in a management position, and now I need to hire people! I think I came up with a pretty good canned response for all the resumes I received, but now I'm ready to invite people in for an interview. I've bashed out a few drafts, but the correct mix of friendliness and formality continues to elude me. Where can I get tips on writing this sort of stuff?
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We haven't done any stories specifically like what you are requesting, but AppleOne's Staffing Success newsletter is designed to be a resource for "the person on the other end". You'll probably find some useful stuff in there.

I'm looking for a story idea for next month anyway, so I might have one of my writers try to address your specific question. I doubt it will publish in time for you though.

My response is typically short and to the point. Most recently "Thank you for applying for our position for an Entry Level Marketing Coordinator. I believe that based on your resume, I would like to meet with you. Are you available anytime on Friday?"

If writing is tough, you might want to give them a call. You'll probably find yourself being more personable on the phone (unless you're as anti-social as I tend to come off), and as a bonus you get to hear the breathless joy in their voice when they realize they're being invited in for an interview.
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SHRM may have what you're looking for.
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Thanks guys, those links should prove useful in the future.

I went ahead and made phone calls... but wound up leaving messages at most numbers. The first couple messages were kinda rough (I hope I didn't blow my chances with any good candidates), but by the time I was done, I found myself reciting something that would've made a fairly polished interview invitation. D'oh.
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