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I often use et al when making notes to list people for meetings. What would or could or should one use as a shorthand when listing a series of places? E.g. "I am traveling to Guadeloupe et ___ (other surrounding islands) or "Tyson's Corner et ____ (other surrounding suburbs).
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et env. (environs) is the French, and still works quite well in 'English', I think.
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The fact that your two examples are different suggests that you shouldn't be looking for a one-abbreviation-fits-all solution.
"and environs" could work in some cases, but it wouldn't always work.
The tour will focus on Pompeii and its environs.
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Yeah, um, what he said.
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i've always been amused by "et ux" - "and spouse".
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How about et cetera?
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"Area" and "region" are pretty short.

There's always "vicinity," which my husband as a kid saw on so many maps he thought it was a place, Vin City...
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I like et env. I should not feel too awkward using it, as I speak French (embarrassingly poor French, but French nonetheless).

Thanks to everyone for the input.
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