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Screenprinting class in Chicago?

Anyone in Chicago know of a place I can go and take a class on the basics of screenprinting? I've googled and not come up with much... problem is it should be known to be running in the near-future (saw a couple that have offered classes in the past but don't list any future dates) and shouldn't be prohibitively expensive (the Hyde Park Art Center has one, and would be very convenient for me, but it is upwards of $200). I'm more than happy to bring in my own supplies if that lowers the price, and I'm more interested in printmaking than textile applications if that's relevant.
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Lillstreet Art Center has a 5 week "First-Time Screen-Printing For Paper" class for $155.
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Seconding the vote for Columbia College. It's been a few (okay, several) years since I was there, but I used to work in the printmaking/alternative photo lab in the Wabash building. They were working on getting screenprinting up and running there around that time; it's possible that it's viable now (though it is Columbia, so no guarantees). If things are still run in a laid-back fashion, you might be able to befriend a TA/student worker and hang out there in the evenings to pick up some pointers, as the formal classes are expensive.
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Their website appears to be down, but if they are still around, Screwball Press's Academy could be worth checking out.

The amazing Jay Ryan started out there.
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On of my coworkers is a silkscreening artist here in Chicago (Bill Hill, he also owns a gallery). I asked him your question and he had this response:

2603 W Barry Ave
Chicago, IL 60618

Intro to Silkscreening
Fine Art
Silkscreen Class
Feb 25,2008
6 wks $120

The website doesn't seem to be up to date, but perhaps you can glean more from calling them.

Good luck!
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Best answer: The No Coast Collective ( a new store/studio) in Pilsen offers free screen printing sessions.
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