Help me find a magazine
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Help me find a specific magazine.

I saw a childrens art magazine a few months ago somewhere, possible on Mefi, and I can't remember what it was called.

It was based in London and had a screenprinted (or screenprint-like) colourful cover. I think it had a one word title as its name, but I may be wrong. There where a number of back issues that could be ordered, about 8 or 9 (again I think)as well as being able to get a subscription. On the website for the magazine I think there where links to a hard backed issue, or other books that the same artists had made.

Just having a quick google now and found Anorak - The Happy Mag For Kids, it isn't that one!

I hope these clues are specific enough as I would like to be able to buy a subscription for my sister and my nephew. Thanks.
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Uppercase? Not sure if it's a children's magazine or not, but otherwise it might fit.
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Response by poster: Nope, Uppercase isn't the one I am after. Thanks though.
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Try searching for the subject "Children's art--periodicals." If the site's URLs are persistent, I've done it for you.

If you don't find the title there, look for related subjects. You could also try the British Library catalogue or the Library of Congress catalogue. Or ask a reference librarian at your public library--they're trained to find things like that.
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nthing WorldCat.
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Maybe you saw it here?

A quick browse showed the one-word named magazines are: Know, Ask, spider, ladybug, cricket, kayak, chirp, chickadee, owl, highlights, click, and make.
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